About Us

DJ Rinner has been an avid rock and gem collector for most of his life.

He began creating jewelry in 1961 and has been a full-time professional since 1974.

DJ exhibited in most major juried fine art fairs in the upper Midwest until 1992. In 1984, he was one of the co-founders of The Iowa Artisans Gallery in Iowa City, IA.  In 1990, he opened DJ Rinner Goldsmiths as a separate business within the gallery. The gallery has thrived over the years and has won numerous awards. Recently the gallery has new ownership, but still represents a wide selection of our work. 

In 2015, DJ moved to Colorado and continues to sell through Iowa Artisans Gallery, a few other select galleries, and through trade shows including the February Tuscon Gem Show at the Pueblo Inn.

DJ is now beginning to move some of his business online.